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Contests - 2021 Results


Frog Jump

  • Gra-Ninja-Zissou Zavala, Cedar Lake, IN (14’ 3”)
  • Cookie-Finn Coffey, Crown Point, IN (9’ 1.5”)
  • JJ-George Justynski, Steger, IL (9’)
  • Aqua Frog-Maverick Carlson, Crown Point, IN (8’)
  • Joann-Jolene Bryd, Daleville, IN (7’7”)

Shortest Jump –Sprinkles-Amilya Cole,(10”)

Ice Cream Eating Contest

Youth 8-14 yrs. old

  • Owen Brown, Crown Point, IN
  • Colleen Donaldson, Cedar Lake, IN
  • Liam Brown, Crown Point, IN

Adults 15+ yrs. old

  • Clinton Brown, Cedar Lake, IN
  • Chris Donaldson, Cedar Lake, IN
  • Connie Vignere, Cedar Lake, IN

Paper Airplane

10 years old and under

  • Josh N., Lansing, IL (41’ 2 ¼”)
  • Matthew N., IN(40’5 1/2 ”)

3.Aiden Macewicz, Hammond, IN (25’10 1/2 “)

11 thru 17 yrs. old

  • Hannah Flewelling, Crown Point, IN(46’9”)
  • Kaitlin Flewelling, Crown Point, IN(35’10”)
  • Trevor Mace, Hammond, IN(35’2”)

Pedal Pull

3&4 Year Olds:

  • Bennett Laidle, Crown Point, IN (40’)
  • Frank Turner, Crown Point, IN(32’6”)
  • Carter Lockhart, Dyer, IN, IN (28’)
  • Harrison Orange, Lowell, IN (23’)
  • Oliver Nelson, Hebron, IN (22’6”)
  • Lisette Koene, LaPorte, IN(22’)

5&6 Year Olds:

  • Jaxson Biesterfeld, Beecher, IL(40’)
  • Landon Krygsheld, Crown Point, IN (34’3”)
  • Rosie Herlitz, Valparaiso, IN (34’3”)
  • Tyler Sharp, DeMotte, IN(29’)
  • Ky’per Nelson, Hebron, IN (24’)
  • Brayden Nelson, Kouts, IN (23’6”)

6.Lowell Woodworth, Schneider, IN (23’6”)

7&8 Year Olds:

  • Bryce Keller, Crown Point, IN (40’)
  • Owen Nelson, Hebron, IN (34’9”)
  • Miles Sharp, DeMotte, IN(32’)
  • Allen Yang, Crown Point, IN(25’6”)
  • Harvey Herlitz, Valparaiso, IN(25’5”)
  • Blake Lockhart, Dyer, IN(23’9”)

9&10 Year Olds:

  • Wilson Orange, Lowell, IN(40’)
  • Carter Biesterfield, Beecher, IL (39’6”)
  • Morgan Papiez, Crown Point, IN (36’)
  • Lilly Herlitz, Crown Point, IN(30’3”)
  • Keith Keller, Crown Point, IN(28’3”)
  • Evan Davids, Cedar Lake, IN(22’)

11&12 Year Olds:

1.Christian Keene, LaPorte, IN (40’ & 27’)

2.Mason Zaleski, Crown Point, IN (40’ & 23’3”)

3.Parker Monix, Crown Point, IN(40’ & 22’9”)

4.Lake Woodworth, Schneider, IN (40’ & 18’6”)

5.Borys Keeley, Valparaiso, IN (36’)

6.Rylee Fritz, Crown Point, IN (28’6”)

Pie Eating Contest-Afternoon

Youth 8 – 14 years old

1.Josh N., Lansing, IL

2. Matt N., Lansing, IL

3. Matthew Macewicz, Hammond, IN

Adults over 15 yrs. old

1. Ariana Benitez, Griffith, IN

2.Keith Macewicz, Hammond, IN

3.Dave N., Lansing, IL

Pie Eating Contest-Evening

Youth 8 – 14 years old

1.Colleen Donaldson, Cedar Lake, IN

2.Marco Alvarado, Crown Point, IN

3.Rodolfo Gonzalez, Chicago, IL

Adults over 15 yrs. old

1.Chris Donaldson, Cedar Lake, IN

2.Ariana Benitez

3.Clinton Brown

Senior Citizen’s Day

Apple Peeling

1.Charlis Duppstad(48 ¼ ”)

2. Casimira Bilinski, Calumet City, IL(44 ¾ ”)

3.Pat Rolewski (27’ ¼”)

Demolition Derbies

Demolition Derby – Saturday

Power WheelsMini Trucks

1.Chandelor Kittle, DeMotte, IN1.Zachary, Szmuc, Hammond, IN

2.Harley Gonalez, Hebron, IN2.Kenneth Miller, Merrillville, IN

3.Drake Perez, Griffith, IN

4.Nate Johnson, Gilman, ILFair Class

1.Nick Wright, Wanatah, IN2.Kyle Heider, LaPorte, IN

Full Size Trucks3.Zack Newton, Crown Point, IN

1.Anastasia Prokopos, Wanatah, INMidsize Trucks

2.Steve Kudryan, Valparaiso, OIN

3.David Greoko, Gary, IN1.Bill Marlow, Dyer, IN

4.Nick Wright, Wanatah, IN2.Billy Ewing, Plymouth, IN

5.BrandonRobertson, Hobart, IN3.Jon Boersma, Crete, IL

4.Boone Lukasik, Crown Point, IN

5.Tim Hutching, South Bend, IN

Garden Tractors


1.Dane Juhl, Goodland, IN

2.Tiffany Gill, Renselear, IN1.Alex Treptow, Lansing, IL

3.Derek Juhl, Earl Park, IN2.Loni Bush, LaPorte, IN

4.Cory Poll, Paxton, IL3.Christyna Wright, Hebron, IN

4.Griffin, Hall, Donovan, IL

Compact Cars5.ChristopherKuiper, Dyer, IN

1.Anthony Colcord, Niles, MIStock

2.Tyler Wheaten, Lansing, IL1.Mike Bush, LaPorte, IN

3.Andrew Ozieglowicz, St. John, IN2.Ryan Lagestee, Schererville, IN

4.Nevaeh Freeman, Lowell, IN3.Chris Kuiper, Dyer, IN

5.Brady Smith, Valparaiso, IN4.Mitchell Crane, Lowell, IN

5.Alex Trepton, Lansing, IL

Demolition Derby – Sunday


1.Logan Reardon, Crown Point, IN1.Tate Judy, Portage, IN

2.Chandelor Kittle, DeMotte, IN2.Bill Fassoth, Dyer, IN

3.Bryleigh Wise, Lake Station, IN3.Ben Davis, St. John, IN

4.Harley Gonzalez, Hebron, IN4.Scott Breeding, South Bend, IN

5.Bobby Gash III, Orland Park, IL

Garden Tractors


1.Dan Juhl, Goodland, IN

2.Jake Bosgraaf, Lowell, IN1.Jamie Jaconi, Long Beach, IN

3.Derek Juhl, Earl Park, IN2.Mitch Ward, Griffith, IN

4.Tiffany Grill, Rensalear, IN3.Nick Wright, Valparauiso, IN

4.Levi Bowman, LaFontain, IN


Full Size

1.Anthony Colcord, Niles, MI

2.John Gurgel III, Cedar Lake, MI1.Anastasia Prokopos, Wanatah, IN

3.Steven Crane, Lowell, IN2.Nick Wright, Wanatah, IN

4.Kevin Gerhardt, Hammond, IN3.David Gresko, Gary, IN

5.Kenneth Cable, Hammond, IN4.Lisa Blackmore, Knox, IN

5.Robert Jones, Gray, IN


1.Kyle Heider, LaPorte, IN

2.Zack Newton, Crown Point, IN

3.Jamie Tyler, Valparaiso, IN

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