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Agriculture sweepstakes winner
Agriculture entries
Scarecrow entered in Agriculture Department
Balloon Glow
Some of the 4-H members.
4-H Game time!
4-H Tug of War
Goat milking competition
Draft horses being hitched for competition
4-H Goat being shown
Piglet Nursery
Hog Show
Stick horse class
4-H rabbits waiting to be judged.
Kids crop creation made in Agriculture
Family Arts & Crafts Building ready to open to the public with over 4300 exhibits!
One section of the upstairs exhibits in the Family Arts Building.
Best Day Ever!
Pepsi Day volunteers helping people bringing in their empty Pepsi Products can for a free wristband.
Fun at the Harvest Tyme Farm exhibit - new this year!
Zucchini Zoo creation in Agriculture - free activity.
Even the littleist kids can join in on the Frog Jump fun!
Pie Day at the Fair....Yum!
Ride all the rides!
Hot Wheels Racing on the original track and with the original cars!
Draft Horse Hitches judging. Picture taken by Joy Demi Koi.
Picture sent in by George Malamatos
Costume Contest picture sent in by Meg Bush.
What a cutie!
Picture sent in by Meg Bush
Horse saying HI to Joan Chrismudy! Picture taken by Jerry Lipski and sent in by Joan's daughter Jamie Whitfield.
Hudson and Brooks Duttlinger showing a pig. Sure grandma and grandpa are proud!
Kennedy, age 1 walking the grandstand!
Benjamin age 6, enjoying the kiddie rides
Draft Horse sponsor class picture sent in by Melissa Shea
The very popular bean spit contest!
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