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Joining 4-H

Learning new things, doing projects and helping people is very fun! All kids from kindergarten through 12th grade are welcome to join 4-H and become involved. Contact their office in Lake County at 219-755-3240 for more information.

Exhibitor Horse and Pony Show Camping at the Fair

Horse Barn Area Camping

No road parking around the fairgrounds will be allowed for campers and horse trailers waiting to get into the fairgrounds by order of the police dept.Therefore, the Fair Board is instituting a new policy for horse department exhibitors wanting to camp with electric facilities by the horse barns.

Reserved camping spots will now be assigned only to exhibitors showing horses by the horse barns, during your show only. If you had a camping spot with electric last year, confirm you are coming this year and you will be assigned a time to arrive.If you did not have a spot last year, email Greg Pater at:horsebarncamping@lake-county-fair.comon or after June 1st.

Pay for the number of days you will be staying once you arrive.Once your camper leaves your spot, that spot will be resold.You cannot pull your camper out for any reason and return to the same spot later.If you need to pull your camper out for a few days and want to return, you will be assigned a new spot.You cannot sell, lease or giveaway your spot to anyone else.

Cost is:$35.00 per night up to 30 amp electric service - NO GENERATORS ALLOWED (maximum 47 sites

$25.00 per night – no electric or water – no reservation needed

Spaces are limited to 12’ width only.Any added space used for canopies, etc. will be charged for as an additional full space.

ABSOLUTELY NO TENTS ARE ALLOWED TO CAMP HERE.Tent camping is allowed in the designated tent camping area on the fairgrounds.

We will make every attempt to accommodate your request but please note that there is a limited number of camping spots with electric, and we may not be able to honor all requests.We hope these changes will eliminate the past wait times to get into a camping spot, and provide everyone with an easier and faster entry and exit of the horse barns camping area.

For any additional questions, please contact Greg Pater at:

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