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Exhibitor Entry Form

This entry form is good for the following departments: Agriculture, Beef, Dairy, Draft Horse, Family Arts & Crafts, Flower Show, Sheep and Swine. You must fill out a separate entry form for each department. You only pay the $20.00 exhibitor fee one time and can enter as many items as you like in as many departments as you want. Paying any additional fees list in the premium book for animal departments.

Beef, Dairy, Sheep and Swine MUST HAVE the Premise ID number or Board of Animal Health (BOAH) number listed on the entry form before we are allowed to accept it.

Click on .pdf file below and print one for each department. List the section, class no. exact wording in premium book and if it needs a brief description in case your tag falls off. Remember, these forms are used for many departments so not all the information is pertinent to the department you are entering in.

Example: Family Arts & Crafts entry

Section No.
or Name
Class No. One Entry Per Line
Use Exact Wording etc.
Give clear description of article, registration name, etc.
Antiques 101 American Memorabilia Autographed picture of President Bill Clinton

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