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Bean Spit

Youth thru 15 yrs. old

  1. Jacob Hanaway (20’1.5”)
  2. Brayden Hylek (13’5”)
  3. Lila Rae Rose (9’3”)

Shortest Spit: Caden Connor (6”)

Adults over 16 yrs. old

  1. Willie Curtis (32’11”)
  2. Bob Zatarski (29’9”)
  3. Dale Richards (28’9”)

Paper Airplane

10 years old and under

  1. Timothy Williams, Schererville, IN (29’9 3/4”)
  2. Kaitlin Flewelling, Crown Point, IN (29’ 5”)
  3. 3.Alex Kaiser, Hobart, IN (23’1 1/2”)

11 thru 17 yrs. old

  1. Zane Rayson, Hammond, IN (63’ 10 1/2”)
  2. Trevor Mace, Hammond, IN (45’ 2 1/2”)
  3. Jeremiah Macewicz, Hammond, IN (42’ 8”)

Pedal Pull

3&4 Year Olds:

  1. Miles Sharp, DeMotte, IN (40’)
  2. Lila Bazin, Crown Point, IN(40’)
  3. Bryce Keller, Crown Point, IN (40’)

5&6 Year Olds:

  1. Jude Laub, Lowell, IN(40’)
  2. Camden Slager, Cedar Lake, IN (40’)
  3. Gavin Ferok, Crown Point, IN (34’6”)

7&8 Year Olds:

  1. Dawson Evans, Hebron, IN (40’)
  2. Molly Kelley, Dyer, IN(38’3”)
  3. Parker Monix, Crown Point, IN (34’)

9&10 Year Olds:

  1. Owen Sharp, IN(40’)
  2. Delaney Kelley, Dyer, IN (40’)

11&12 Year Olds:

No results were recorded

Pie Eating

Youth 8 – 14 years old

1.Christian Powell, Griffith, IN

2.Amandalyn, Hammond, IN

3.Titus Williams, Schererville, IN

Adults over 15 yrs. old

1.Bryan Duranski, Schererville, IN

2. Ariana Beniter, Griffith, IN

3.Daniel Williams, Schererville, IN

Frog Jump

  1. Jo Jo thomas, Hobart, IN, Frog - Bingo (15’2”)
  2. Calvin Dykes, Glen Ellyn, IL, Frog – McFroggers
  3. Marco (no last name or frog name)
  4. Laura Gawron, Hammond, IN
  5. Kate Carlson, Crown Point, IN

Shortest Jump – David Cole, (1’)

Fair Food Eating

Youth 9-12 yrs. old

  1. Nolan Sepko, Hebron, IN (12 yrs old)
  2. Luke Martin, Valparaiso, IN (11 yrs old)
  3. Felicity Martin, Valparaiso, IN (8 yrs old)

Adults 13+ yrs. old

  1. Isaiah Martin, Valparaiso, IN (15 yrs old)
  2. Ariana Benifer, Griffith, IN (25 yrs old)
  3. John Pryor, Schererville, IN (40 yrs old

Senior Citizen's Day - Apple Peeling

1.George Schmidt, Monticello, IN (53 3/4”)

2.William Dolick, Reynolds, IN (47 ½”)

3.Casimira Bilinski, Calumet City, IL(38 1/2”)

Demolition Derbies

International Demolition Derby

Saturday, August 11


1. Royell Lynch, Merrillville, IN

2. Memphis Goode, Merrillville, IN

3. Michael Gehrke, Portage, IN

Garden Tractors- Feature

1. Jacob Bosgraaf, Lowell, IN

2. Ronald Cox, Sr., Renssalaer, IN

3. Cory Poll, Paxton, IL

4.Nate Bruner, Paxton, IL

Compact Car – Feature

1.Tiffany Ross, Valparaiso, IN

2.Ryan Lagestey, Schererville, IN

3.Jake Hare, Lingonier, IN

4.Kevin Gerhardt, Hammond, IN

Midsize Car – Feature

1.Aaron Lintz, South Bend, IN

2.Kyle McNamara, South Bend, IN

3.Steven Hensley, LaPorte, IN

4.Jamie Cain, Aroma Park, IL

Stock Class - Feature

1.Kevin Hall, Coldwater, MI

2.Matthew Rhoda, Munster, IN

3. Griffin Hall, Donovon, IL

4.Terry Koselke, Lake Station, IN

Fair Class – Feature

1.Jamie Jacobi, Chicago, IL

2.Chad Newgent, South Bend, IN

3.Boone Lukasik, Crown Point, IN

4.Eric Knoche, Dyer, IN

Trucks – Feature

1.Nick Wright, Wanatah, IN

2.Jesse Marlow, Cedar Lake, IN

3.David Gresko, Gary, IN

4.Elbryn Goode, Merrillville, IN

International Demolition Derby

Sunday, August 12


1.Nathan Johnson, Gilman, IL

2.AJ Decker, Piper City, IL

3.Royell Lynch, Merrillville, IN

4.Jeffrey Edmonds, Valparaiso, IN

Garden Tractor – Feature

1.Jacob Johnson, Gilman, IL

2.Nate Bruner, Paxton, IL

3. Chris Woodworth, Lowell, IN

4.Jacob Borgraf, Lowell, IN

Compact Car – Feature

1.Mike Newenhouse, Steger, IL

2.John Marlow, Cedar Lake, IN

3.Tyler Wheaton, Lansing, IL

4.William Fassoth, Dyer, IN

Midsize Car – Feature

1.Jeremy Conley, Renssalaer, IN

2.Michael Gerike, Crown Point, IN

3.Devon Knowles, Piper City, IL

4.Weston Riones, Knox, IN

Stock Class – Feature

1. Loni Bush, LaPorte, IN

2.Earl Currin, Portage, IN

3.Brittany Robinson, Valparaiso, IN

4.Ryan Lagestee, Schererville, IN

Fair Class – Feature

1. Josh Johnson, Gilman, IL

2.Travis Albright, Clifton, IN

3.Boone Lukasik, Crown Point, IN

4.Brandon Decker, Piper City, IL

Trucks – Feature

1.Greg King, LaPorte, IN

2. Nick Wright, Wanatah, IN

3.Aaron Moore, St. Anne, IL

4.Elbryn Goode, Merrillville, IN

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